30 April 2017

Summit Adventure Racing/Team Commie Bar bio for Primal Quest

Summit Adventure Racing Team Commie Bar is a group of adventurers across the US, Canada and Europe with 20+ athletes racing in over 30 events in 2017.  No other team in the world has more athletes or races more than we do!

This year will be our first for Primal Quest, and we couldn't be more excited to participate in this marquee event. The team is comprised of seasoned multi-day adventure racers and back-country adventurers.  All, however, will be experiencing their first PQ, so have no more ambition than to achieve the goal of finishing as a complete team - strong, healthy and satisfied knowing that we gave it our all, supported each other, and had a great life experience shared as friends throughout and beyond.

The team:

Ken Batten is a father of 4 children and a hobby farmer residing in Ontario, Canada.  Ken has participated in Patagonia Expedition among many other ARs, and is a lover of just about anything outdoors where he can climb, paddle, run or bike.  Ken is also an avid cross-fitter and studies wilderness survival and first aid.

Chris Fenlon-McDonald is a father of 2 children, works in school health promotion, and resides in Calgary, Canada.  Chris is a former Canadian Forces Reservist and all-around back-country adventurer with countless miles of back-country ski and trekking experience as well as an experienced climber.  Chris is also an avid cross-fitter and once owned a CrossFit gym.

Jon Gamm is the father of a University of Michigan freshman and a software technical sales manager residing in Denver, Colorado. Jon is also ex-military with the US Army Airborne Infantry and has participated in Raid in France, Cowboy Tough and several other multi-day ARs as well as Iron Man triathlons and trail marathons.  Jon is also a National Registry EMT with 12 years of volunteer experience.

Christina Nacos is a mother of 2 children and a Chemical Engineer residing in Boulder, Colorado.  Christina has completed Raid the North Extreme and Cowboy Tough among many other ARs, and has also completed many long-distance trail runs/hike and bike-packing events including the Tour Divide, Colorado Trail and Arizona Trail.  She is also an expert white-water rafter.

We’d also like to thank our sponsors, Honey Stinger, Mountain Hardwear, and Rudy Project, for their support to our team during this fantastic event!

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