05 April 2011

MTB Set Up

There have been a couple questions on bikes.
Right now I'm going with a 12 year old Hard tail Hara Escape.
I've got Manitou front shocks on the forks
Read the captions below.  The only things I'm looking at
changing may be adding a third waterbottle cage on the down
under side of the downtube.  I also may add another gel flask
The escape pod saddle bag holds a ton and then folds up.
All for now.

Carousel Designs Escape Pod Saddle Pack
Planet Bike Red Tailight with 3AAA Batteries

MagicShine 1400 Lumen headlights on left side of Handle bars
AR Nav MBO2 Map board mounted on right side

Close up of MagicShine LItes

Top Tube pack for supplements and food
Gel Flask Mount
Under Top Tube external battery pack for lights
2 Waterbottle Mounts

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