16 April 2011

Bike/Trek Training with full gear

Testing Gear
1.  Manta 30 litre pack
Worked superbly.  Way too big of a pack for something like today but this will be the choice for the 48hr race in WV

2.  Salomon XA 4 Chest pack rigged on the Manta
I had thought I would really, really like having this on the chest because of the access.  I guess I still do like it but it really made you feel like you were carrying a lot of weight.  During the bike portion it kept banking my knees so this will take some re-rigging.  During the trek/run portion it felt very secure and did not flop around at all.  I did love having all my food/nutrition right in front of me.

3.  Leki Ultralight Trekking poles
It's been a long time since I used trekking poles but I think I'm going to stick with them.  Really helps support the legs during walking and also helps to balance.  These poles are ultrallight so no significant weight increase to carry.  They will stay.

4.  6hr Food packs - This was reviewed in an earlier post.  Nutrition worked fine.  I think next time I'll separate the beef jerky from the trail mix.  Kind of a weird combination.

5.  Mountain House dehydrated Chili Mac
I bet this would be great with hot water to rehydrate it.  I had cold water (almost frozen!) and after 15 minutes it was still not fully rehydrated.  Looked and tasted good but I don't like my chili mac "crunchy" !

Time:  6hr/12min
Distance Mountain bike:  38kilometers
Distance Run/Trek:  15.3 kilometers
Pack Weight:  18lbs 10 ounces
Calories:  5181

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