17 March 2014

Season Opener: Brake The Habit 6 hour race with the ASI Adventure Racing Team

As "Coach" TCOPE of the Garrett College/Adventure Sports Institute Adventure Racing Team I had plugged this into the schedule pretty late and decided to use this as a team selection event (and a nice little workout for me).  Originally slated for 3 disciplines, they pulled the paddle leg out of the race due to the weather and ice on the lake.

That left just Mountain biking and trekking.  We fielded two 3 man teams and I was a third on one just to get a workout and help the team learn about racing.
We drove down from Deep Creek at 4am and got on site in Germantown just as map distribution was taking place at 7am.  This was a first adventure race for the students and I was bopping around trying to help them get organized and plan routes and logistics as well as get ready myself.  The race flow ended up being this:
1.  A quick prologue to get 2 of 3 points on foot (your choice of points) and then back to the transition area.
2.  A bike section that took us to the western reaches of the park for Check points 4-12
3.  The return back to transition on bike for check point 13
4.  A foot orienteering course for 11 optional CPs
5.  Back on the bikes for checkpoints 14-19.

Our team with Jason and Adam and me took off to get points 2 & 3.  There were over 178 racers and 77 teams so there was a buzz at the start as people went crazy to get out into the field.  We got the two points and headed back tot he bike.

We transitioned onto bike and headed north up the park road and then west.  We picked up CP 12 and then turned around to head back on the trail down to CP 10.  We ditched the bikes and made our way up the steep ridge to nail CP 11 and then crossed the ridge and down to the stream to hit CP 9 and then back to bikes.
We paralled the lake on bikes and Adam got a flat on the way to CP 7.  Jason quickly fixed Adam's flat in 5 minutes and we we're on our way.  We nailed CP 7 and then down to CP 6 where we dropped the bikes again and made our way around the lake inlet to CP 5.  We then decided to leave CP 4 and make our way back to the transition area and CP 13.

The ride back was uneventful and we pulled into the TA and checked in.  We were given a new map with 11 orienteering points on them.  I decided to make our way up the eastern side on foot and hit all the points on that side and see how much time we had.  Ultimately we abandoned the 3 CPs on the western side and nailed CP 11 and then the other two we had bypassed down on the peninsula.

We got back and then mounted up on bikes again and said we would see how we felt.  We got CP 14 quickly and then up to 15.  I pushed on and said we could get 16 and then on the way back we decided to shoot for 18 which we nailed!  I was psyched and the team was moving well.

From there we pedaled back into the Finish.  We finished in 5 hours and 39 minutes and got all but 5 check points.  A great race for the new ASI racing team.

The other ASI racing team also had a great day out there and I don't have the results yet but it appears they all did very well.


24 February 2014

Summit Adventure Racing Announces 2014 Race Schedule and Call for Racers

Coming off a stellar 2013 season that saw Team Commie Bar placing 1st in the North American Adventure Racing Series (NAARS) 3 man open division and 3rd place in head to head competition at the National Championships in Browns County Indiana, Summit Adventure Racing is expanding its schedule for 2014 and also seeking to add more racers to the national roster.

Boasting 25 Adventure Races on the docket for 2014, the race schedule will see the Commie Killers venturing across more than 14 states spreading over the Mid Atlantic, New England, Utah, Colorado, and North Dakota.

The 2013 3rd Place National Championship Team (L to R)  Chris Farrell, Todd Copley, Dan Bait Schaefer

The Team is bringing back its core roster of steady performers that have been with the team for close to 5 years.  

Todd Copley will remain as Team Captain and Director and the solid core of the roster will feature the following racers covering different races during the season.
1.  Chris Farrell
2.  Dan "Bait" Schaefer
3.  Dan Kazup
4.  Jon Gamm

In order to cover this volume of racing, Summit Adventure Racing is also seeking new racers to add to their line up.  Racers from across the country looking to be affiliated with a nationally ranked squad are invited to contact us for becoming part of Summit Adventure Racing.  Doesn't matter where you live.  Send us an email to TCOPESWORLD@gmail.com along with a short biography outlining your adventure racing experience, background and goals.  

The 2014 Race Schedule is listed below.  A black box with the word "Open" indicates we are seeking a racer/teammate for that race.  Contact us if you would like to join us for that race.

Check us out on Facebook at Summit Adventure Racing and at Summit Adventure Racing/Team Commie Bar on Twitter

Race Date Location Team Captain Racer Racer2
The Meltdown 6 hour 23-Feb Newark DE Dan Bait Schaefer
Brake The Habit 6 hour race 15-Mar Germantown, MD Todd Copley Lee Ware Open
Odyssey 24hr One Day Extreme 22-Mar Stuart VA Open Open Open
AXS Moab 12hour  5-Apr Moab, UT Jon Gamm Open Open
The Breakdown 6 hour 12-Apr Elkhorn City, KY Dan Kazup Open Open
Yough Extreme 10 hour 26-Apr Ohiopyle, PA Todd Copley Dan Bait Schaefer Open
Rev 3 Shenandoah Epic 28 hour 26-27 April Bentonville, VA Dan Kazup Open Open
Odyssey Wild Wonderful 24 hour 17-18 May Oak Hill WV Todd Copley Dan Bait Schaefer Dan Kazup
Jersey Inferno 10 hour 14-Jun Vernon, NJ Chris Farrell Open Open
Cradle of Liberty 24hr 28-29 June Wagontown PA Dan Bait Schaefer Chris Farrell Dan Kazup
Odyssey Blue Ridge Bear Epic 24 hour 19-20 July Roanoke, VA Todd Copley Chris Farrell Dan Kazup
Monongahela Moxie 8 hour 2-Aug Morgantown, WV Todd Copley Open Open
Krista Griesacker 12hour 2-Aug Hamburg, PA Chris Farrell Don Theodoreau Open
Calleva 10HR 10-Aug Poolesville, MD Open Open Open
Lionheart 24 hour 16-17 August Ohiopyle, PA Todd Copley Dan Kazup Open
AXS Glenwood 12 hour 6-Sep Glenwood Springs, CO Jon Gamm Open Open
Black Bear Adventure Race 6-Sep McHenry MD Todd Copley Open Open
Pocono Challenge 6 hour 7-Sep Bushkill, PA Open Open Open
Longest Day 24 hour 13-14 September Location TBD (NY State) Chris Farrell Open Open
AXS Moab 24 hour 4-5 Oct Moab, UT Jon Gamm Open Open
USARA National Championships 30 Hour 3-4 October Deep Creek Lake, MD Roster TBD Roster TBD Roster TBD
NAARS Championship 36 hour 18-20 Oct Killdeer, ND Chris Farrell Jon Gamm Open
GOALS Edge 6 hour race 19-Oct Dan Bait Schaefer Chris Farrell Open
Adrenaline Rush 6 or 12 hour November
Open Open Open
Willowsford Frozen Foot 6 hour 2-Nov Centreville, VA Open Open Open

Check out Team Commie Bar at the National Championships......

01 December 2013

Thanksgiving Trifecta..... Half Marathon, 10 Miler, 10K in 3 days.....

Getting a little help from a KTC Endurance/Team Commie honorary racer in Plano TX....  
We run all night....

13 November 2013

That Which Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stranger...... An interview with the late Jure Robic, the greatest endurance athlete of all time....

On many occasions when motivation is lacking for training and the weather is bad and dark, I like to pull out this old interview with Jure Robic, the 5 time winner of Race Across America.

Link to article is  - That Which Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stranger...

Have a good read.  My favorite quote is:

"He pushes himself into madness" says a journalist from Slovene TV.  "What Jure does is frightening".
Robic seems to regard his racetime bouts with mental instability as one might regard a beloved, but unruly pet:  awkward and embarrassing at times, but impossible to live without....

11 November 2013

new one from Doleful Lions that have accompanied many a Commie Bar Ultra Race....

03 November 2013

Bayden Sled Skate.....

My son comes and asks if I think the sled would work on the fallen leaves.  I say "no".

He says if that won't work then could we take bungie cords and put it on a skateboard?

My interest piques...........

Something about bungie cords and skateboards is enticing......  

So.......... Dad and son rig a sled on top of a skateboard.  We attach it with bungie cords.  We don't know if it will work.  Bayden says he needs some type of brake.  I respond that Evil Knievel never concerned himself with a "brake".  It went over his head.  

He thinks he needs a brake.  I suggest the boat anchor but it's in storage.  We settle on a traffic cone.  I ask Bayden do you think that will work?  He says "no, but it will bounce around once I launch it off with another bungie cord and that will be cool".  I nod in agreement.

Finally, Bayden asks "do you think this is crazy?".  My response is if it wasn't then why do it?  He smiles...

It's okay to be crazy but be a smart crazy (wear your helmet and knee/elbow pads....)

And off we go......  

Halloween Break..... Featuring TCOPE & The Slashers....

Team Commie Bar stepped off the trails for a night and into the throes of Halloween....  TCOPE & The Slashers featured at the bash......  We're the scariest band in the world......

31 October 2013

Season Results Are In..... Team Commie Bar #1 ranked 3 man adventure racing team in the North America.

Press Release for Immediate Distribution

Todd Copley captains Summit Adventure Racing to 3rd place finish in National Championships of Adventure Racing
Todd Copley, the Executive Director of Deep Creek 2014, the event production company for the 2014 ICF Whitewater Slalom World Championships taking place in McHenry MD next year recently participated in the United States Adventure Racing National Championships held in Brown’s County, IN.  Copley was lead navigator and also captained Summit Adventure Racing to an overall 3rd place finish in the country.  Adventure Racing involves teams competing in expedition length races involving mountain biking, trekking/running, paddling and usually some type of climbing/ropes element.  The course is not set and teams are required to strategically plan routes and navigate over the entire distance to predetermined check points.  Racers are entirely self-sustaining and carry all gear to include food and methods for water replacement. 
This year’s National Championships were set in the deep wilderness of Brown’s County, Indiana and held over the weekend of October 4-5.  After 30 STRAIGHT hours of non-stop mountain biking, navigating, trekking, rafting, and paddling with portage sections over 3 miles, Copley’s team emerged from the wilderness with 22 checkpoints which was good enough for 3rd place overall in the three-man team open division of the National Championship.  Summit Adventure Racing/Team Commie Bar has been a steady force in adventure racing over the past 3 years and leads the North American Adventure Racing Series points division for 2013.
Copley was extremely pleased with the effort.  “I thought our team performed exceptionally.  Navigation is so important and we nailed the check points even at 2 in the morning during a monsoon rain downpour.  Going 30 hours straight is always tough but we covered a lot of miles efficiently and did not have any physical issues or bicycle mechanical problems.” 

The National Championships is the culmination of the adventure racing season.  To even participate in this prestigious race, teams had to qualify in a regional sanctioned race during the year to be eligible.