27 January 2016

Team Commie Bar Season Openers in March 2016

Team Commie Bar/Summit Adventure Racing is six weeks out from the season openers in March 2016.  

Time to announce the team rosters for those races 

MARCH 2016

5-8 March
Florida Sea to Sea
72 hours across Florida

The Team:  2 person Male
Jon Gamm - Colorado 
Charlie Raffay - Florida

19 March
Swamp Fox 12 hour Adventure Race
Charleston, SC

The Team:  2 person Co-ed
Michael Scott - Norfolk, VA
Val Hardin - Black Mountain, NC

21 January 2016

More Racers added to the Summit AR/Team Commie Bar National Roster

Summit AR/Team Commie Bar welcomes the married team duo of Mike and Tara Flanery to the 2016 Tean Roster....  They will also be on the Cowboy Tough Team captained by Jon Gamm

We present the Cowboy Tough Expedition Team line up.  Racing in Wyoming on 14-16 July

Team Captain and Addictive Substance Counselor

America Ninja Warrior

Blackhawk Instructor Pilot

As a 7-year veteran player and coach of the intense sport, Roller Derby and years of mountain bike
races and special events, “Danger Girl” is excited to combine her competitive spirit and love for the

04 January 2016

Team Commie Bar welcomes 4 new racers to the roster in 2016.........

Mark Bolyard
Home:  Murphy, NC

I am originally from Missouri but have also lived in Savannah, Ga and now live in Murphy, NC for the last 10years.  Love the outdoors.  I have been adventure racing for approx. 9 years.  I have done everything from sprint to expedition (Florida Sea to Sea x 3).  Have raced at Nationals both under USARA and Checkpoint Tracker, have finished top 3 in all male categories twice.  Running is my strong suit, I have raced multiple marathons with best finish of 3:21, one 50K trail race and multiple other 5K, 10K’s.   Also love mountain biking, I have competed in a few 6hr endurance races and also completed the Six Gap Century bike race multiple times.  I have also completed the Cherahala Challenge century bike ride as well as other gravel grinders.  Also enjoy paddling the mountain lakes and rivers close to home in either kayak or SUP.  Something I have taken up recently is Obstacle course racing and am looking at a long term goal of trying out for American Ninja Warrior.  

Val Hardin
Black Mountain, NC

Started running at 10 years old, cross country at
UVA.  Started doing triathlons in the early 1990s and then moved to Xterra in  2004.  8 time Xterra Regional Champion as well as several podium finishes at Xterra Age Group Nationals.  Started Adventure Racing 7 years ago while living in PA.  Competed at USARA Nationals last 3 years finishing 3rd place Coed Masters in 2015.

D.J. Angelone
Home:  Mullica Hill, NJ
Team Shrink

DJ “ The professor” Angelone first caught the bug for adventure racing due to his love of reality TV and exposure to Eco-Challenge.  During undergrad, an instructor from a Health & Exercise Science course taught him about “peak experiences” and the concept of “Flow.”  He also vowed to do a 24hour race (and beyond) as part of a goal setting exercise in that class.  Ten years later he entered his first adventure race and has been challenging himself ever since.  Having completed dozens of 6 hour and several 12 hour races, the Flow has become addictive, so he decided to increase the dosage to 20 hours this season.  He looks forward to learning a ton from this band of adventure athletes and will do his best to bring them home with increased psychological vigor (even offering reduced fees for his services).

Michael Scott
Home:  Norfolk, VA

Complimenting our team psychiatrist, Michael brings a wealth of experience as a mental health counselor in Norfolk, VA.  He's been involved in Triathlons for 9 years or so and the rest of Team Commie Bar do not hold that against him.  He has completed Lake Placid Ironman and has a huge passion for hiking and camping with the family.  This will be his 1st year in adventure racing.

25 October 2015

The 2016 Season: Summit Adventure Racing/Team Commie Bar

Team Commie Bar 2016......
Here we go......
We are fielding teams for the following races across the globe.  If you are interested in being a part of Summit Adventure Racing/Team Commie Bar send a note to me at TCOPESWORLD@GMAIL.COM.

3-6 March - Sea to Sea 72hours Across Florida
Jon Gamm captaining the team on this early season epic
Seeking 1 racer for the roster
2 April - Crooked Compass 8hr Race
Rootstock Racing near Philly.
Seeking 2-3 Racers for the roster

9 April - Big Bear 50 - 8 Hr Race
Todd Copley captaining the team on this great course near Deep Creek Lake.
Seeking 1-2 racers for the roster

2-9 April - Scott Mead of Team Commie Bar will be racing in GodZone8 day race in New Zealand
Team Complete

16-17 April - Rev3 Shenandoah Epic 24hrs
Shenandoah Mountains
Todd Copley to captain and looking to field a 3 person all male squad.  
Seeking 1-3 racers and possible co-ed team

29 April - Get Stoked Rogaine 6hr/12hr or 24hr Orienteering Race
Stokesville, VA
Seeking 3 racers for the roster

30 April - Yellow Creek Extreme 10hr Race
Penn Run, PA  
J.j Potasiewicz to captain this team.  Open to either co-ed or 3 man all male.
Seeking 1-2 Racers for the roster

1 May - GOALS Savage 6hr Adventure Race
Seeking 2-3 racers for the roster

4-8 June - Corsica Adventure 5 day Race
The Island of Corsica, France
Todd Copley to Captain and seeking international teammates.
Seeking 2-3 racers for the roster

4-5 June - GOALS Cradle of Liberty 20hr Adventure Race
Seeking 2-3 Teammates for the Roster

10-12 June:  Nomad 48Hour Race in Colorado
Jon Gamm to Captain and seeking to field a 3 man all male.
Seeking two teammates for the roster

11 June - Laurel Highlands 50K Ultra Run
Ohiopyle, PA
J.j Potasiewicz running as a Commie Bar.
Team Complete

25 June - Garrett County Gran Fondo Ultra Cycling Event
Deep Creek Lake, MD
Todd Copley training ride for Summit AR
Team Complete

1-3 July:  Happy Mutant 72hour Race
Lynchburg VA
Seeking 3 all male teammates for the roster

14-16 July:  Cowboy Tough 3day Stage Race
Jon Gamm to Captain Team Commie Bar in this classic event over 3 days......  you better like paddling!!

17-23 July:  TransAlp MTB Stage Race
7 day race in the Alps
Todd Copley to wear Team Commie Bar Colors
Seeking 1 teammate for the roster

6 August - GOALS Krista 12hour Adventure Race
Seeking 3 teammates for the roster

7 August - Xterra Appalachia Off Road Triathlon
Penn Run, PA
J.j Potasiewicz in Summit AR colors
Team Complete

13 August:  Leadville 100mile MTB
Submitting for lottery.  Tentative
Team Complete

22-28 August:  Raid in France
The epitome of adventure racing....  Guillaume Calais from Team Commie Bar to lead this World Series race.
Accepting applications for this World Series Race

3 September - The Grand Traverse MTB/Run from Crested Butte to Aspen, CO
Jon Gamm to lead Commie Bar
Team Complete

10-11 September:  Scotland Coast to Coast
Todd Copley to lead the epic race across Scotland
Team Complete
10-11 September:  Deep Creek 30hour Adventure Race
30hours of running around Garrett County, MD at Deep Creek Lake...
Seeking 3 teammates for the roster

16-18 September - 2016 NAARS Championship 30hr Race
Sierra Mountains, California
Seeking 3 teammates for the roster

7-9 October:  USARA National Championships of Adventure Racing
Deep in Georgia....
Accepting applications for entry for 3 person all male

21 October 2015

Summit Adventure Racing/Team Commie Bar 2015 Quick Recap

Hello from the epicenter of adventure sports: Deep Creek Lake, MD!!

This is just a quick recap of Summit Adventure Racing and Team Commie Bar for 2015.  We had an amazing year in 2015 as we took on our 1st expedition race and an Adventure Racing World Series Race: Raid in France. The prep for that race (and all the logistics were incredible). Wanted to extend an amazing thanks and congratulations to Guillaume Calais, Jon Gamm and Kim Owens for their accomplishment and also for their team support and friendship. It truly was an amazing experience.

If you haven't read the race report head to Raid in France Race Report or you can also see the video promo at Team Commie Bar at Raid in France Video

Some quick 2015 Highlights

18 April- Rev 3 Shenandoah Epic 24 hour -
Kim and Todd racing 2 person.  That was a practice race for Raid in France. Kim and Todd took 2nd place in 2 person coed.

 25 April - JJ Potasiewicz and Heidi Snyder represented the Commie Killers at the Yellow Creek Extreme 10 hour race and took 1st place in 2 person coed

22 May - Equinox Traverse 48hour - Todd/Jon/Kim and Scott Mead as another Raid in France practice race. This was our first foray into 4 person coed racing.

 6-7 June - High Sierra All Out 24hr Race - Jon and Scott wore Summit Colors in this race out west. They were forced to abandon because of the cut off times in a race that wasn't very well organized.

25 July - Todd completes MountainMan Trail Ultra 50K in the Alps of Switzerland.  MountainMan is ranked as on of the top 20 endurance events in the world.

1 August - Krista 12hour race - Dan/Bait, Chris Farrell and New commie bar teammate Pete Bond raced to a 2nd place finish in 3 person male. This qualified the team for USARA Nationals.

 16-20 Sept - Raid in FRance - Todd/Jon/Guillaume and Kim finish epic 4 night/4 day race in the pre alps of France. Read the race report.

18-19 September - NAARS Championship - Dan/Bait Schaefer races solo!!

 What a YEAR!!!!