27 June 2016

Garrett County Gran Fondo!!

Always fun to have a great training ride in your backyard with about 1000 other riders!!!
That's the Garrett County Gran Fondo!!

I had signed up for the 100 miler but because I was working with Race Across America the whole weekend I only had time to go out and knock off the metric century.  And not having the time is a big excuse because trying to do the full century with 12,700 feet of elevation gain would probably not have been in the cards.  That said the 8,400 feet on the metric was plenty.....  I felt pretty daggone good the entire ride even though I had only gotten about 1.25 hours of sleep the night prior because of the riders coming through Time Station 47.  The ride took me about 5hours and 20 minutes which was less than what I was forecasting.  So a pretty straight forward race/ride report.  See below for more on the action at Deep Creek Lake this weekend.

I live in the most beautiful place in the world for adventure sports.
This weekend alone we had Race Across America come through our town.  We hosted the Gran Fondo for 1000 cyclists and on Sunday we had the world's toughest 400 meter foot race up The Face at Wisp  Resort.

You can check out all our action and posts and pictures from RAAM by visiting our Facebook page at
Race Across America Time Station 47

Here's some shots from RAAM.

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