21 October 2015

Summit Adventure Racing/Team Commie Bar 2015 Quick Recap

Hello from the epicenter of adventure sports: Deep Creek Lake, MD!!

This is just a quick recap of Summit Adventure Racing and Team Commie Bar for 2015.  We had an amazing year in 2015 as we took on our 1st expedition race and an Adventure Racing World Series Race: Raid in France. The prep for that race (and all the logistics were incredible). Wanted to extend an amazing thanks and congratulations to Guillaume Calais, Jon Gamm and Kim Owens for their accomplishment and also for their team support and friendship. It truly was an amazing experience.

If you haven't read the race report head to Raid in France Race Report or you can also see the video promo at Team Commie Bar at Raid in France Video

Some quick 2015 Highlights

18 April- Rev 3 Shenandoah Epic 24 hour -
Kim and Todd racing 2 person.  That was a practice race for Raid in France. Kim and Todd took 2nd place in 2 person coed.

 25 April - JJ Potasiewicz and Heidi Snyder represented the Commie Killers at the Yellow Creek Extreme 10 hour race and took 1st place in 2 person coed

22 May - Equinox Traverse 48hour - Todd/Jon/Kim and Scott Mead as another Raid in France practice race. This was our first foray into 4 person coed racing.

 6-7 June - High Sierra All Out 24hr Race - Jon and Scott wore Summit Colors in this race out west. They were forced to abandon because of the cut off times in a race that wasn't very well organized.

25 July - Todd completes MountainMan Trail Ultra 50K in the Alps of Switzerland.  MountainMan is ranked as on of the top 20 endurance events in the world.

1 August - Krista 12hour race - Dan/Bait, Chris Farrell and New commie bar teammate Pete Bond raced to a 2nd place finish in 3 person male. This qualified the team for USARA Nationals.

 16-20 Sept - Raid in FRance - Todd/Jon/Guillaume and Kim finish epic 4 night/4 day race in the pre alps of France. Read the race report.

18-19 September - NAARS Championship - Dan/Bait Schaefer races solo!!

 What a YEAR!!!!

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