02 September 2014

The Summit Brands......... The Greatest Adventure Company in the World...

The Greatest 
Adventure Company In The World!

The Summit Brands including Summit Consulting, Summit Event Productions LLC, Summit Adventure Racing and Deep Creek 2014 Event Productions LLC....

The Summit Brands have been all over the planet this year.  
We are BUSY!!!

Some quick bullets
*  Summit and Deep Creek 2014 led the United States delegation to the 2013 Whitewater World Championships in the Czech Republic and brought home the ICF flag to America.

*  We've been the event production company of choice for the Whitewater Kayak World Championships.  We're hosting over 50 nations in Deep Creek, MD at the Adventure Sports Center International.  Still can't believe we're producing a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!  More teams than the Olympics....

*  We are the direct regional liaison to the United States Adventure Racing Association and will host the USARA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS here in Deep Creek Lake, MD

*  We are the direct regional liaison and Todd Copley serves as a Regional Course Official for Race Across America, the world's toughest bike race.  Deep Creek Lake MD was host city and Time Station 47 for this year's edition.

*  We are involved extensively in the North American bid to bring the International Festival of Extreme Sports (FISE) to this
continent.  We hope to do this in 2016.

*  We are the direct liaison to the Washington, DC 2024 Olympic bid organization and will be a part of the Canoe Slalom (if not more) portion of the Olympic bid.
*  Team Commie Bar remains the #1 ranked 3 man adventure racing team in all of North America.  We've raced all over the Mid Atlantic, Colorado, Utah, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, ect....  No three man team in this hemisphere can go longer and race more than us....

*  Summit Consulting helped launch the Center of Adventure & Experiential Learning at Garrett College this past year.  
*  Deep Creek 2014 and Summit Consulting completed the 2.2 Million dollar infrastructure project at the Adventure Sports Center International.

*  Deep Creek 2014 in collaboration with inVNT Inc secured the NBC Sports & Universal Sports coverage of the 2014 Canoe Slalom World Championships.  

*  Summit Consulting's Todd Copley serves on the board of directors of the Adventure Cycling Association, the world's largest membership based organization.

*  Summit Consulting and Todd Copley serves as adviser and head coach of the Adventure Sports Institute's Collegiate Adventure Racing Team.

*  Summit Consulting and Todd Copley serve on the strategic planning board of the Adventure Sports Center International

*  Summit Consulting serves on the board of advisors for Nature & Kind, a U.K. luxury travel brand.

*  Summit Consulting serves on the board of moderators for the largest substance & tobacco abuse help organization in the world. We help addicts get their lives back and we've saved thousands of lives.  

The Summit Brands Around The World and Around our Lives.....

We're the Greatest Adventure Company in the World!!

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