17 August 2011

Team Carpe Vitam vaults to #1 in the East Coast Adventure Race Series

Left to Right:  Todd Copley of Team Commie Bar, Jason Brown and Stephen Eland, Captain of Carpe Vitam.
After the win at the Lionheart 24hr race this past weekend, Team Carpe Vitam has been pushed up to #1 on the East Coast Race Series.  Carpe Vitam is captained by Stephen Eland and is joined by Todd Copley of Team Commie Bar and also several unaffiliated racers including Jason Brown, Kirk Lauri and others.  A great win for this new team....  Proud to have Team Commie Bar be a part of it in a second place finish at the Longest Day and the 1st at Lionheart.

East Coast Adventure Racing Series Championship Rankings
Rank    Team                              Points
1          Carpe Vitam                    651

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